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Below is a list of e-learning resources of interest to trainers delivering qualifications and competencies from the Forest and Forest Products Industry (FPI05) Training Package. If you have any resources you would like included on this page, or know of any web links that would be useful to ATTA members, please email your suggestions to:

Chainsaw Operation

Beginner to advanced - interactive CD

This interactive CD has been developed with funding provided by the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program. It is suitable for all workers undertaking the theory component of a chainsaw training course, but is particularly designed for learners with poor literacy skills. Each resource package contains:

  • Slideshow Powerpoint version of the CD
  • Flash version of the CD
  • Customisable Powerpoint version of the CD (allowing trainers to customise all elements)
  • Trainer and Assessor Guide (in hard copy)
  • Downloadable ‘Word’ versions of assessment instruments for all competencies covered in the resource.

For more information about the resource and to order a copy, go to Chainsaw operation – beginner to advanced.

'Timber' series Toolboxes

The following Toolboxes were developed by Workspace Training for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Copyright is owned by the Australian Government. They can be viewed on-line, downloaded for free as ‘learning objects’, or purchased from Flexible Learning in an interactive CD format.
The Timber Toolbox

Competencies covered:

  • FPICOR2201A: Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry
  • FPICOR3201A: Implement safety health and environmental policies and procedures
  • FPICOR3202A: Conduct quality and product care procedures
  • FPICOR3204A: Visually assess materials
  • FPICOT3236A: Coordinate stock control procedures
  • FPICOT3204A: Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings

View on-line version

Timber Plus Toolbox

Competencies covered:

  • FPICOR2203A: Follow environmental care procedures
  • FPICOR2204A: Follow fire prevention procedures
  • FPICOR2205A: Follow OHS policies and procedures
  • FPICOR2207A: Maintain quality and product care
  • FPICOT2216A: Visually stress grade softwood
  • FPICOT2219A: Use hand held tools
  • FPICOT3241A: Assemble timber wall frames
  • FPICOT3242A: Lay up timber roof trusses
  • FPICOT3247A: Select timber for forestry operations

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Sustainable Timber Toolbox

Competencies covered:

  • FPICOR4201A: Monitor safety, health and environmental policies and procedures
  • FPICOR4202A: Monitor and review forestry operations

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Forest Harvesting learning resource

The Forest Harvesting learner resource is currently under development and due for completion at the end of 2010. It is being funded by the WELL Program, and uses a Moodle plattorm. The resource is designed for forest harvesting operators, and covers the following two competencies:

  • FPIHAR3214A Operate a single grip harvester
  • FPHHAR3206A Conduct forwarder operations

For more information about this resource, and instructions on how to view it on-line, please contact the developer, Andy Cusack.

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